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Real estate taxes remain a huge – and

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Real estate taxes remain a huge – and growing – concern for property owners in the City of Chicago as assessments, government spending, and taxes continue to grow year after year. Our objective is to help you understand if you are leaving money on the table, help you obtain the lowest taxes possible, and bring clarity to the tax appeal process. Our experienced team will work hard to make that happen.

From 1979 to 2017, one factor alone is responsible for an 89% increase in property taxes in Cook County. In 1979, the total tax levy was $2.8B. Adjusted by the consumer price index, that levy in 2017 would be $7.6B. In 2017, the actual tax levy was $14.4B. The difference reflects Cook County tax extensions – aka increased government spending.

Take control of your story. Do not pay more than your fair share of real estate taxes. Our team of over 30 is proud to represent homeowners in addition to the work we do for our multifamily, industrial, hotel, retail, and other commercial clients throughout Illinois.

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